Restaurant Countertop Equipment

Portable Yet Powerful

Countertop equipment is sometimes required for when you need a supplemental piece to finish a meal or as a core component of your recipe routine. Our selection will help round out your kitchen to make it as productive as possible.

Burners & Hot Plates

For when you need to heat things up on a small space budget.


Keep a buffet going anywhere! Our chafers are suited for any serving location and can hold hot food with our chafing fuels.

Convection Ovens

Small yet powerful tools for making delicious meals in no time with a small footprint.

Food Processors

Process, blend, pulverize, and much more with our food processors that are designed for durability in the kitchen.


A batch of fries to a quick fish dinner, our line of small profile fryers are a great tool for small volume oil fry occasions.


Grills & Griddles

Our available grills and griddles make your counterspace more functional than ever for cooking just about anything.

Hot Food Holding

Keep your soups and sauces hot and ready for both inside and outside the kitchen.

Induction Ranges

Highly efficient and cutting edge induction cookers are the safest portable cooking ranges available.

Rotary Slicers

Shave and slice to perfection meats, cheeses and veggies with high performance rotary blade slicers.

Microwave Ovens

A cornerstone of any countertop made stronger and more powerful for the commercial cookspace.


High capacity and high power to mix batters to breads in a durable, space efficient footprint.


Need an extra small fridge for the top of a desk to store ingredients or merchandise a drink? We have them!


Keep your ingredients and recipes precisely tracked for perfect portions and recipe consistency.

Slicing & Dicing

Our bulked up Smallwares made for continuous use in the kitchen to keep slicing and dicing all day.


The bigger brother to the chafer, holding your food until it needs to be served with our countertop steamers.


To get your counter space you first need to build it. Do so with our selection of industry standard stainless steel tables and bases.


Bagels, bread, english muffins, and more can be toasted from pop ups to conveyor toasters available.

Vacuum Sealers

The ideal space saving way to save your food with all of the bags available to preserve your products.